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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best Friends are we... Sami and Emily!!!


Ok, as most of you by now know this girl in the picture with Sami is Emily. She is like our adopted daughter and is at our house all the time, which I really don't mind. She even calls me mommy. Anyway, Friday night the girls got all dressed up and were headed out to the Teen Dance on base. They went and bought the glow and dark glass's to wear in the dance and were huge hits with everyone so I am told. Only my daughter thinks of things like that to do. They were suppose to take pictures on their cellphones because not only did they wear these big glow in the dark glass's they wore the necklaces and bracelets too. These pictures are of them before they left the house Friday night to head out. I needed a shot of them before the hair and clothes were a mess from dancing and hanging out with friends all night! Sami and Emily both also brought me their progress reports for each class and I am proud to say they are both getting straight A's! Emily has a goal this year to make honor roll with Sami. They both also have a plan, so they tell me. They have researched and printed out tons of information and materials to give to me and Emily's dad on Texas A&M. They have decided this is the college they want to go to. They are going to become Vet's together and share a dorm room together and graduate together and start their own Vet Hospital/Clinic together. For me, I hope they do. You don't come by life long friends that easily being a military brat and if you do you hold on to it.
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