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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wiggles are Coming, The Wiggles are Coming!!!!

Chris just called me because he was online at checking to see what time the Craig Morgan, James Otto concert started tonight because we were all going to go. Well, yeah Chris and are this way, our kids happiness comes before anything else and our son Elijah is ADDICTED, and I don't mean a lite addiction like normal children, No, No!!! Really ADDICTED to The Wiggles. He dress's up as Captain FeatherSword almost on a daily basis and he wears his 4 shirts of The Wiggles daily and watch's the shows all the time and well the Real Live Wiggles From Australia are coming to Six Flags this Thursday for a live show to cut the ribbon to the grand opening of Wiggles World. So we have decided to take Elijah to that and not tell him. Its first come first serve and the show starts at 12noon for the kids so I will have to take Chris to work, and take the kids myself to get good seats. However, had to share our good news. Shhhh, Elijah doesn't know yet!!!

1 comment:

Jody said...

awwww I am sure he will love it! Heath did the 3 times we took him! :)