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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The kids at Meet& Greet the Teacher's Day


Ok, I wasn't there so don't blame me for the poor pictures. Chris took some of them and Sami ditched them all and went with her friends!! Go figure! Friday was meet and greet day at Lackland ISD. This is were the kids go to school. Ethan is 11 now, got his first cell phone because he is in 6th grade and this is when I allowed Sami to get hers. He had to wait every so patiently to get to the 6th grade to get one. This also allows him to call me because he has to make sure he walks Elijah and Hannah from school. He is also excited because 3 of his good friends that live around our house and came to his birthday party are in his homeroom class. He has 3 teachers but his homeroom teacher is Ms.Street. The funny thing is, she already knows us. Sami had her 2 years ago!!!
Hannah met her new teacher Mrs. Keer. Hannah is going to be 8 years old on Sept 25th this year and is in the 2nd grade. She is very excited because most of her friends that were in her class last year are also in her class this year and she was way excited to see them all. She came home talking a hundred miles a minute to me about everything that happened down to the minute!
Elijah met his teacher who is expecting a baby in Sept!!! That should be fun. Meet her, get adjusted, she leaves for maternity leave and get used to another teacher and then she comes back. She already Chris said was apologizing to all the parents because she knew the first of the school year was going to be tough for the kids to adjust too until she came back off of maternity leave. Oh well, such as life. Elijah is 6 years old now and in the 1st grade. He too was excited because he got to see some of his friends as he told me from Mrs. Garcia's class.(his kindergarten class from last year) I asked him if anyone of his good buddy's from last year were in his class this year and he was like "Ummm, well Mom. Yeah, some are and some aren't. You see, when you get older and move to different grades some kids go to other class's".
I busted out laughing when he then exited my room like OK, I explained how it is and that's that. I looked at Chris and we both just laughed.
Sami's is now 13 and in the 8th grade. They are not doing 8th grade orientation this year. Because well I guess they fell they don't need too. Sami has 8 teachers this year and of course as normal for her is in some honor's class's that she choose to do. Last year I worried she would over do it for herself but she was able to slide into her groove and make honor roll all year long and I expect the same this year from her as I do from all my kids. She said she met up with tons of her friends and found out at their first homeroom class on Monday they will be assigned their lockers and can go put all their stuff away and begin the week of getting orientated then. So be it! Well, I will post pictures of the kids on Monday for their first day of school from here at home I am sure. Till then have a great weekend everyone.
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