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Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School has Arrived for The Final Four!


Well its finally here! The First Day of School for Sami, Ethan, Hannah and Elijah. They went with bells on and happy as could be. I tend to get weepy on the first days of school and I don't know why. I am just a sap that way when it comes to my kids I know. Plus it hits me harder every year that they are growing up and we are way past the baby stages and to me that is sad (well some of the time it is!!!)

Sami started 8th grade, and had me walk with her over to the common area were all the kids were hanging out with all their stuff for the bell to ring and the teachers to escort them into the buildings and start handing out lockers. I got to set down her stuff and she was hugging all her friends she hadn't seen and I got the LOOK! You know the one were they look at you like "you can go now, be gone!!!) Yeah, that one I got from her and I said to her "Have a good first day" and walked away smiling and trying to remember back to my school years except my parents didn't go with us, we rode a bus and learned the ropes on our own.
Ethan, went off with Chris and Elijah because they were both on that side of the building but as I was walking away with Sami and Hannah I said to Ethan, "Bye Ethan have a great first day" he turned as he was already walking away from both Chris and I to go his own way and gave me the head tilt and the look at the same time. Like "Yeah, I hear you but don't embarrass me mom see you later!" Chris looked at me as I stood for a moment absorbing the moment and realizing and so it begins the process were they need me less and less for many things in their lives. Ethan started 6th grade this year and can't wait to be in a "real" middle school as he puts it next year.
Hannah is in the 2nd grade and her classroom is outdoors. Its actually not very far from Sami's Jr/Sr High School at all. Sami and I were surprised at how close her classroom was to that side of the school. Its completely removed from the main part of the Elementary School. Weird I know. Anyway, Hannah let me come in her class still and gave me a kiss and a hug and was like " I will see you after school mommy". Awww she is still in the mode were its OK that mommy comes in and sees were she sits and meets her teacher etc.... I know it will be gone all too soon so I am trying to enjoy her and Elijah at this moment.
Elijah started the 1st grade and of course let Chris take lots of pictures of him. He was so happy. If you notice Elijah went back to a parted haircut this year. Yeah, he wanted to look like Murry from The Wiggles with the part in his hair. FYI.... mom was down all weekend and didn't go with them to get haircuts and normally I don't go I will be honest, Chris takes the boys, however Chris allowed this to happen. Even Ethan got sort of new hairstyle. Short and pushed straight down. I hate new hairstyles. They take me awhile to get used to for sure. Over all the kids had a great start to the first day of school and it is underway. They go from 7:30am-3:15pm. Long days. Its going to be a even longer week. They are going to be so tired from staying up late and sleeping in till we get back on school schedule. I can for see them coming home and either taking a nap or going to bed very early because 6am rolls around very early!!!
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Jody said...

ok as his godmother, i need to say something please stop making ethan take pictures at school, he is too old :) and YEAHHHHHH Samantha, she looks beautiful! and girly! (inside joke between sam and i, so noone tells cori i am ugly) lol :)

Cori said...

JUST FYI I didn't take any of those of him at the school miss godmother! His Father did.