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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ethan's 11th Birthday Party at LaserQuest!


As you can see Ethan and friends had lots of fun at his birthday party at Laser quest. It was small but just right. He said he loved it and kept thanking us for taking him there for his party.
We bought 2 laser games and I couldn't go in the actual laser room with the camera so I got one shot in the glow in the dark room where all your clothes especially the white part of your clothes glow, yeah, I couldn't get that effect on the picture. However, you can see the green alien behind them on the wall in that shot. The would suit up in this big like bullet proof vests and get the shotgun, pump gage action guns and be set loose inside this large room and laser tag one another. I think Ethan maybe playing to much XBox games because he kept winning! He was shooting and taken down everyone. Even strangers that were in there playing. Over all thou, he had a good birthday and enjoyed himself and his friends and family. He is now pestering Chris to take him to go get his military I.d. card now. So that will be fun for him to go get his first one. Plus he was going to play flag football this year but they called and said it only goes to age 10! So now he has to play soccer instead. He is not happy about it. Oh well! Enjoy the pictures.
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