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Friday, August 14, 2009

Elijah's new favorite thing to say and do! "Duece's!"


Ok, this is where having older siblings come into effect big time. Sami is 13 and her friends are always around and LOVE Elijah and treat him like like their personal mascot etc.... He loves it he says "Girls are good!" Oh my, right! Anyway, so of course the latest thing for kids and its also something I see constantly on Big Brother is when they hold up two fingers and say "Deuces!" This is Elijah's new thing when he wants someone to leave him be or be gone out of his sight! Can you say ummmmm H??? NO! Where at first I really didn't get the meaning, being two fingers normally meant PEACE! It is now something totally different in this generation. Especially after hearing it none stop on TV I get it now. Oh, I love this part of having children of such different ages.
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