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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Elijah's Day seeing The Wiggles Live in Concert at Six Flags!


On Thursday I (cori) took all the kids and 1 friend of Sami's with me to Six Flags. Our reason for going was because The Real Live Wiggles had come to Six Flags to cut the ribbon for the grand opening of Wiggles World at Six Flags and put on a concert live. Ok, first off the place was packed!!! Plus, those poor guys that play the Wiggles and all the dancer's I felt so bad for. Not only are they not used to singing and dancing in a outdoor arena, but it was 107 out!!! They were dripping in sweat by the time the show ended as was I and Elijah who danced and played his guitar while standing in the aisle the whole concert. I didn't get many of him from the front because Elijah ofcourse with all the other kids made their way down the isle to dance and see The Wiggles up close. So most of my pictures are of the back of his head while he watched them on stage. However, he did get to high five Murray the one in red and who plays the guitar. He told Elijah that he loved his guitar and his color of shirt which was red like his! That made Elijah's all time dream come true right there. He also got a high five from Sam the one in the yellow shirt but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of it. He wanted so badly to high five or shake Captain Featherswords hand but once that show was over those guys ran off stage to a A/C Bus waiting on them. They never even came back out for autographs or anything. That was a let down let me tell ya. However, Elijah was on cloud 9! He just couldn't get over the fact he had just seent he Wiggles Live and in person and was so happy. We went and bought him a new Captain Feathersword Hat and Feathersword and he wore them and his guitar all day long in that park dripping in sweat!!! I myself was melting as well and decided to pull my hair into a bun and because I had no hairband or scruncy, anything to put my hair up with, I stuck the next best thing in my hair to help me cool off, a pen!!! Hey, you never know when those will come in handy. While I was busy with Elijah, Sami, Ethan, Hannah and Emily (sam's friend) ran from rollercoaster to rollercoaster coming back and forth to check in with me so I would know where they were at at all times and what they were doing. I realize they are to old to make them sit through a Wiggles Show and sit at Wiggles World so I decided to loosen the raines and give it a go and see if they could prove themselves to me and they did. After 1-2 rides they would meet me at the spot I told them too to check in with me. By 6pm I was done and hurting and swollen and everyone was sunburned beyond sunburned. I walked by a thermoeter at 5pm and it read 107 and I thought to myself "huh, San Antonio, Amuzement park in August go figure why I am dying!" So on our way out the kids all rode one more ride and we were headed home. I don't have hardly any shots of the other kids because well they weren't with me and off doing there thing. Not because of favortism. So please when your wondering were the others are, that is why. Overall, Elijah has yet to stop talking about his day there and has not stopped wearing his new hat and is wearing his eye patch and carrying around his feathersword all the time. He love to sit at the computer and look at all the pictures I took and talk about them. Chris didn't get to go, so I let Chris sit with him and look at them while Elijah talked at 100 miles a hour about his day with Dad.
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Jody said...

Heath loved the wiggles thou he was in preschool :) but we went to see them 3 times, and he loved it! I am sure Elijah had a great time!