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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pictures of my time with my Dad, and my brother Jay


These are some of the last pictures I took while in Illinois visiting my dad this past week. The first collage is of just him and I out and about and him at Physical Therapy and at a Irish Pub we stopped at. He is doing really well at PT. Its hurting him but he is doing really well. They can extend the arm almost straight but its still the coming back up that hurts him a lot. The screws in his ankle a bugging him. He laid on it a certain way I think while sleeping and one morning we could see the screw trying to poke threw the skin. By afternoon thou it was not visible anymore. However, dad has a appt. with the Dr. on Tuesday to discuss when he can get these screws out of his ankle and start apply pressure to the leg. He can be very persuasive when he wants to be. I hope that he just takes his time and gets it out when the Dr. says so he doesn't push himself to hard. However, with that said he also knows his own body and his limits so that is going to be between them. He says if it comes out the skin he is just going to take them out with a set of pliers himself! That should be fun???? Then we went to the mall to find Chicago Cubs gifts for the kids for me to take back and stopped at this Irish Pub for a drink. Dad doesn't do malls so it was really nice of him to take me to get that done. The kids love their gifts and Ethan has eaten almost all of his Portillo's Chicago Hot dogs. He loves them!
The second collage is of all 3 of us at the Outlaw Club with dad. This is a club of people who are bikers for lack of a better word that have their own club that dad hangs out with and rides with. What a great bunch of people. They were all so very nice to me and to Jay. They loved me spilling the beans on some of dads past or asking questions because Dad doesn't say to much. Some have actually already friend ed me on Face book to keep up with my family and my postings. We really had a nice time there and enjoyed ourselves and dad got to introduce his kids to his friends. Lorrie was nice enough to take some picture of us at the club house while we were there and then the morning I left we got some shots of us out in front of the house together. All in all I had a wonderful time with my dad for the week and miss him terribly. I got to spend about 24 hours with my brother which him and I had a good ole' fashion sleepover in one of the bedrooms in the back when dad went to bed and watched Deadliest Catch together and talked. You would of thought we were kids again. It was so much fun and something I will always cherish as time spent with him. We got dad's workbench and tools all moved to the basement that night for him and got the heavy things moved so when dad gets his bike back it has a place in the garage waiting for him to climb back on and go ride again. Which he will. Once he is ready, he will be back on it. He nearly cries when he sees others out riding knowing he could be also.

Dad I had a great time and I hope that I was of help to you. Call me whenever and let me know what the Dr. says. I love and miss you. Next time, you will get to see your grand kids because they said I am not allowed to go without them again. They want to see their Papaw too! We will keep Christmas in the back of our minds. Enjoy the pictures and if you want me too, I will send the pics by email as attachments so you can copy and paste them and have them for you also. Love ya! Cori
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