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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day Spent With Doctor's.....

Today, I get to go be a guest speaker and also as I call it " The Side Show Freak" Attraction at a Dermatology Convention. Its a monthly thing were they all get together to go over the latest greatest things and so on and so forth.

Well, awhile ago my neurologist sent me to go have a biopsy done on my leg because well it looks bad and deformed and where as I have been diagnosed with RSD or now called CPRS and have a blood disorder called Factor V Lieden, and many other factors we needed to keep going down the check list so to speak to rule things out and rule things in. The whole Practicing Medicine Thing that Doctors do!!

Well, no one at the clinic had ever seen a patient with my condition and as my luck goes I got a 2nd year resident going on his 3rd year residency. Who seen my leg and couldn't get enough info on it and called in every Doctor he could to look at my leg and read up and studied on it and even wished he knew me when he wrote his thesis so he could do it on me. Well today I get to go show off my leg to 50+ Doctors and they get to ask me all kinds of questions as well and look at my leg and also put out some recommendations as to some tests that we should do that maybe haven't been done yet. Where as I am not nervous about speaking to all these Doctors on this level at all, I don't much care for that many people touching me and told the Head Doctor so when he called me yesterday and asked if I would put on a gown! Um, NO!!! I will wear Capri's and you can see my leg just fine that way. So that is today, then we went and seen for the first time a "REAL" pain specialist in SA on Tuesday who was just in shock that I was this far along in my disorder and never had certain tests done or therapy started to help alive my pain. So she is going over all my medical records this weekend to draw out a plan of attack to start helping me control my pain and live a more productive life which will never include the life I had before all this happened but a better livable life. She is planning on a surgical out patient procedure that will consist of putting some spinal blocks around my spinal column and shut down the transmission of signals from my brain of the chronic pain in my legs and hips. Then I have a appt with the Hematologist for my blood disorder which very likely now that my leg and blood have changed will put me on some sort of blood thinner for life. I am willing to go on Aspirin at this point let me be clear on that. So on top of the kids gearing up and trying to get school shopping underway and the kids adjusted back to a school schedule after the 15th of August, I am going to be at the Doctors quite a bit!
For more information on my disorders please feel free to go to the following sites and read up on it. Information is key, and when its your health on the line don't rely on just anyone, step up and take control of your own health, research it, so you can go to your Doctor with info that they might not have, OH and PS.... DON'T LET OBAMA WHEN THE HEALTH CARE PUSH!!!! I don't need the government telling me who and when and what type of treatment I will seek EVER!!! Write your congressman, do something but don't sit by and let this happen. We will all suffer. It sounds good on the surface, but dig deeper, its not good at all.

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