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Friday, June 19, 2009

Team Cooper Makes the Team Lackland NewPaper at base pool!


So, Monday The Cooper Family was busy loading their van getting ready to leave (which none of us wanted anyway) and all of a sudden Kevin realized that they had a flat tire and a dead battery. So back and forth to the Tire Shop and other places in town Chris and Kevin went trying to get the van fixed so they could take off. At this point, I had even written on Jody's Facebook post that it was a sign to stay another night! Finally, it was after 2pm and I believe the conversation was "why leave now?" So they took a family vote and decided to stay one more night and get up early the next day and leave. So once that was decided we put the kids in swimsuits on this very hot 102 day and took them to the base pool. Well there was a photographer there that took some pictures of The Cooper Triplets with Kevin and The Boys and this is the picture that landed in our base paper of them!!! Now he asked them their names and Jody told him to call them Team Cooper and gave info on they were visiting from ALQ, New Mexico and gave Kevins Squadron etc..... How about in the sentence under the photo they are calling them Team Lackland!!! I just laughed. Oh well, at least we can say those are our nieces' and nephews and Uncle Kevin in our base paper! WE are collecting a bunch of them to send to them so they can pass them out to their family and friends as well. Just thought I would share. So cute!
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Jody Cooper Photography said...

Thank you for sharing, I am going to copy and paste and put it on my blog too k :) I am glad we got to stay an extra day!