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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Team Cooper Arrives!!!


I have put together 3 collages of some of the pictures that I got on my camera. Jody has more on hers. We will have to share our pictures with each other before they leave. However, we have plenty of time. They are here till next Monday!!! Tomorrow is my birthday and I couldn't ask for a better bday gift then to have all of them here with us to celebrate. The kids have grown so much since I seen them last. The 10 cousins are just loving being together and hanging out and playing some full court basketball tonight when it cooled off a bit. We ended up taking the girls in their nightgowns and flip flops across the street so they could see them play too! Then Elijah got to wrestle with Uncle Kevin and Uncle Kevin learned that Elijah is a big boy!!! It was so sweet and funny to watch. The girls just love Hannah. Hannah took them upstairs and did their hair and gave them some lip gloss and they were so happy about that. All 4 of those girls are sleeping together as I write this. Its the sweetest thing. Sami, David and Broc are still up and hanging out downstairs and watching movies and chatting it up and sharing cellphones already. Ethan and Heath hit it off right away. They have a lot in common with each other. Chris and Kevin took off on their own due to a nail that they picked up on the road trip to go get the tire fixed and its like they seen each other yesterday. Of course Jody and I are just so excited to see each other again and have our families all together. It truly is a joy to have them here and can't wait for the week of amusement parks and beach's. More fun stuff to come! Just thought I would share these first pictures we have of us all together again.
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Jody said...

we have had a nice time, we are all so excited for Sea World and Six Flags.... :)