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Monday, June 22, 2009

Padre Island Beach Shots I just sat and went threw!

I hadn't really had a chance yet to sit and really look at all the beach shots I got of the kids in the ocean during our visit to Corpus Christi.
So I decided to post more! I know you guys are probably sick of them but some of these are just ordinary shots of the kids just having the time of their lives that I really liked.
I am glad I adjust back and fourth to black and white and colored and colored accenting it helped give some variety. There are such good shots and such good memories in each picture. I couldn't go in the water because of my stitches but I did get to close and boy that salt water burned my wound! I learned my lesson the next day let me tell ya! However, we had such a great time at the beach and the kids were looking at these with me and really want to go back again before summer is out. So I think, Chris and I might have to figure out a way to do that. Take a weekend get away and go back for some more sun and beach time! These are all just random shots that just stood out to me at the moment. I am glad I sat down and took a good re look at them all. Such a good time!
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Jody said...

I love looking at the Pictures as well! I wish we could go back, we were spoiled by how hot the water was!