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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Day at SeaWorld!!!


After the heat set in, Water rides were a great attraction for us let me tell you what!!! Even the triplets got to go on the Journey to Atlantis! I think we have officially turned them into Roller coaster junkies. They don't like the slow rides anymore! Everyone loved feeding the dolphins, riding the roller coasters over, and over again and seeing the Shamu Show were we all sat in the soak zone and boy did we get soaked!!! 4 Killer Whales tails slinging water our way was so much fun! It was hot, we all got really sunburned yet again but had a great day over all. I have to say, having my Cousin Jody and her family here with us has brought us great joy and we are really enjoying being with each other and seeing all the kids together. I love to sit back and just watch them. Plus I get to see Jody which is of course the most important thing! Tomorrow (Thur-Fri) we are off to Corpus Christi for some relaxation, pictures on the beach and some fun in the sun! Can't wait! Till then, enjoy the pictures. All you have to do is click on them to enlarge to see better.
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Jody said...

the triplets woke up this morning and said no whales mama, they get us all wet!