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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The only picture of all 14 of us the whole week!

Well at Six Flags they lost our picture of the 14 of us which of course was the only one we had at that park as well. I just tried to scan this picture to make it look better and it wouldn't do it so I took a picture of the frame with the picture in it of all 14 of us at Sea World. Jody and I have a habit of when we are together of buying the same frames to put in our houses of our visits together and we did the same thing here and bought a beach picture frame to put our family photos of our family's out on the beach in Corpus Christi also. I know you can't see it very well and Jody if you see this and scan yours I want to copy it for a better picture of it on my blog please!!! Just wanted to share the one and only picture the whole time they were here of all 14 of us together!

Jody scanned a new version for me so here is the repost.

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