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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Visit with my Dad and Mom in Illinios so far!


Ok, so I made it to Shorewood, IL on Saturday night and mom and dad were there to pick me up. So on Sunday we all 3 went and got Pedi's and Mani's! Dad needed it because well all those med's turned his toes yellow and his nails were really long and poor mom is on the slope so she needed hers done and so did I to be honest. I didn't get that far on my list of to do things before I left so it was really nice to spend the morning there with them at the nail place. Of course, we teased dad for getting his Man Ped, and told him his son-in-law liked to make fun of him and he of course can't wait to get payback on him for that comment. (Chris, I am not allowed to tell you what your payback will be he swore me to secrecy!)
Anyway, Mom left on Monday and Dad has started his Physical Therapy session now. He goes Mon-Wen-Fri's and man does it create a lot of pain for him. They almost got the arm completely straight on Monday but the coming back up is really painful for him and it creates so much pain but per his own decision he cut himself back on his pain med's and says its mind over matter! That is my dad for you. A very strong man but living with a life changing event that best fits his needs.
However, he is doing really well. He has his scooter which I posted pics of him on. Its like a deluxe kid version of a kick scooter! Its really neat. He loves it and it gives him the mobility he needs to get around with out putting any weight on his leg which is still not allowed for about 2 more months. When mom gets home on Sept 2nd they are scheduling his second surgery to remove the screws that are going horizontal to hold his ankle together. This is when they will be removing the screws and plates so he can start therapy on his ankle as well and start being able to put weight on it. They don't want him to walk on it till then because he could snap it in half and then we are back to Square 1 with him in the hospital and more surgery to repair it. Over all thou, he is doing great. He is driving the car. All he needs is someone to pull down the handle on his scooter and get it in and out of the truck of the car for him. However, to much activity also brings him pain but as we all know, he will decide when enough is enough. I just stand back, and wait for him to say when and then help where needed.
My brother Jay, aka Uncle Jay to the kids will be here Friday night and Dad wants to take us to the American Legion to introduce his kids to his biker friends etc... That should be a fun evening for all 3 of us. I have not seen my brother in almost 2 years so I am excited to see him as well. I arrive back home on July 4th at 2pm. Just in time to get home and go see fireworks with the kids. They are missing me and I them. They call me all the time and check in on how their Papaw is doing and want updates all the time. They are not happy they didn't get to come to see him at all. Next time, they will get to come. Papaw wants us to come for Christmas but we will just have to wait and see on that one!!! Overall, things are going well, he has a long road ahead of him for PT and getting the strength and mobility back and getting to a place in his life were pain will probably always be there but livable and part of his regular lifestyle he is used to living. His Harley is being worked on right now and repaired so when he is ready, he can get back on it and go for a ride again. As he put it, Do people in car accidents stop driving because they were in a accident? NO! They get a new car and get back behind the wheel and so is he!
I will continue to post pictures and updates here and on Face book for you all to see but this is my first time to be able to update the blog for everyone to see him. No one has taken pictures so I am catching him up on that one! Till next time.....

To my family... I love and miss you and will see you in 4 more days!!!! BE GOOD!!!! Love Mom
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