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Monday, June 1, 2009

Mo Ranch Family Retreat Campfire and Sunday Morning Service with kids singing to us!

We had a huge campfire Saturday night to end a perfect day of flying threw the air, playing in the river, going to class's and interacting with other couples and their families and it was a perfect end to a perfect day. Chris and I ran to the local Wal Mart and bought tons of marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers for smores for all the kids and adults to enjoy. Then a youth leader brought his guitar and we sang some songs that the kids just loved. Sami was so jealous. She wanted to play, she wished she had brought her guitar to join in. However, it was such and nice evening and firefly's were all around us and the kids were covered in chocolate, sticky faces and fingers and the adults were laughing and enjoying our last night there. Then I added a couple pictures of our outdoor Sunday Morning Service of the kids singing to us songs they prepared during children's church. Elijah loves singing so this was right up his alley. Hannah should have been in the pictures but had a rough start to her morning so she stayed with mom till she was ready to go down and be with the group. Boy, our girls don't do mornings at all. Hmmmm they sound a bit like their mother I think. Our Boys however, love to pop out of bed and get a move on like their father. Its actually pretty funny, but not while your going threw it. We left Mo Ranch with a hope that we can go back again as a family. There was so much we didn't get to do that we wanted to but just ran out of time. We arrived home and the first thing Ethan says is " Oh I so missed my own home and bed!" We all agreed, there is no place like home or our own beds!
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