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Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids on Zip Lines and 52 ft Cannon Ball and Rock Walls at Mo Ranch

As you can tell by these pictures, my kids have no fear!!!! Have they really ever had any fear, um no! They like to scare mom instead. A opportunity was given to us during this family retreat we went on at Mo Ranch for the kids and adults to try out this ropes obstacle course they had on the backside of the ranch. What a fun thing it turned out to be and the kids had a blast doing it! It so much fun to listen to them yelling with joy and screaming while sailing threw the air! The zip line was like 60 ft in the air on the platform you climbed up to. Then it was about 200 yards long from one end to the other.So they did two at a time on the zip lines and Ethan was the first one up! He couldn't get enough of this stuff. He jumped off that platform and zipped right on down that line so fast and was whooping and yelling "This is so awesome!" They also each got a frog that while on the zip line there were cones set up below on the ground that was a point system and whoever frog landed in highest points area while they were sipping down this line at mock 50 won! You can imagine with how competitive my kids are against each other, we had to make sure they went up against other kids not each other. We would have never heard the end of the "Who Won Fight"..  Then it was onto the Cannonball Drop! OK, this one I would not get on either. I don't do heights like that at all. However, I do roller coasters so who knows what it is. Anyway, you climb up a later and they snap you to this thick cable and you bring a rope around in front of you threw a key link and hold on to it till the people on the ground pull a huge robe that lifts them in the air all the way to the top at 52 ft high! Then the person in the air counts to 3 and they pull that cord out of the key link and go sailing threw the air on this cable swinging back and fourth really high up. Ethan goes first on it and of course is "Yew Haw wing the whole time and making muscle man moves in mid air! He had everybody laughing. Then Hannah goes on, when she releases her cord and starts that first fall into the air, we all heard this squeak that was suppose to be a scream but she couldn't get it out of her mouth at first, then she started gliding and said she was flying and acted like she was Tinkerbell flying threw the air. Then Sami goes up, OK, this should have been caught on camera. She is not a heights person like that either so she was a bit nervous on this one but she did it. When she released the cord she screamed so load that she could have had a part in a horror movie for that scream. Finally, she quit screaming and enjoyed the ride. Poor Elijah who has climbed rock walls and done things like this on a much smaller level was so upset he couldn't do this.  Man he cried and cried and cried, then he pouted. In one of the pictures in a collage you can see his back to me sitting on a rock. Yeah, that was him pouting and not liking me very much at that moment. He sat down and turned his back to me and I took a picture and he yelled at me to stop taking his picture and put his arm up so I couldn't see his face and I just love that picture of him. It reminds me of our family picture below of Hannah pouting. Soon thou, on the cannonball the instructor told us he would let Elijah try it. So he got all geared up and was so happy, Elijah climbs that latter gets to the top and realizes how high it really is and freaks out and starts crying to get back down. All that crying for nothing, however after that he said "Mom, I am sorry for crying, I thought I could do it but its to high. Those guys are crazy!" So by now Elijah is content to sit with Mom and watch everyone else take their turns. Soon we are the rock wall. Out of all those kids there, my two daughters and one other boy made it to the top and rang the cow bell and came back down! Everyone was cheering for the girls because they really gave it there all to climb that really tall rock wall. Of course, I had that proud mom moment of " Yes, those are my girls!!!" Ethan was not happy he didn't make it to the top but out of like 20+ kids 3 made it to the top! It was so much fun and we spent so much time out there that we didn't make it to go horseback riding. But there is always next year for that!
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looks like so much fun... 5 days I will see you!