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Monday, June 1, 2009

Kids at Mo Ranch in the Guatalupe River!

These are the kids having so much fun in the River at the Ranch. They built a huge bob sled slide. Chris went on this slide with Hannah and Elijah. Then they had a rope for people to swing on and drop right into the river! Oh My!! My kids loved that part. They also had a big dock in the middle of the river and the loved Chris throwing them into the river non stop until Ethan thought that a fish touched his arm! Oh, can you say my son screams like a girl. He screamed so load and literally climbed Chris's body while Chris is being drowned while Ethan is trying to get back on the dock. Everybody on the side of the river was laughing so hard because it was honestly funny to watch Ethan climb Chris's body screaming that a fish bit his arm! Hannah and Elijah however, loved the river and couldn't get enough of being throw in, and rope jumping and just swimming around.
Sami and Hannah even got a canoe and went canoeing together. I tried to zoom in but my camera kept getting fuzzy. I hate that! The girls really loved that till Sami started losing patience with Hannah. Well, she is only 7 and her first time canoeing I thought she did really well. She listened to Sami on how to turn the canoe and everything. They did great. Then Chris and Elijah went on a canoe also but my battery died at this point in the day! Imagine that. Me taking to many pictures of my kids! Sami has decided thou that she prefers a pool to the river. She didn't like it at all. She said it tasted nasty and didn't like the feeling. I just told her she better get used to it because next weekend we are headed to the beach and she is going to be in the ocean! Ethan was concerned about leaches too. Can say, oh my! They will zip down a line by a cord 60 ft high and love it and climb rock walls etc... but get in a river and worry about fish and leaches. Oh my children, I love them so much!!! However, we had a great time out there. I sat in my lawn chairs under a tree reading a book enjoying some sun, watching my family in the river, taking pictures and they had a big bar b que out at the river for dinner so we ate out there and it was just a great day had by everyone.
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