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Friday, June 19, 2009

Jody and I at the Alamo at Night

Jody hadn't seen the Alamo yet and we went out to dinner with her brother my cousin Virgil and his wife at the Riverwalk. Afterwards Chris drove us over there and we jumped out so she could take some pictures. A police officer who was guarding the Alamo came up to Jody and ask her what we were doing. So we told him, "trying to get some pictures of the Alamo but people are in the way and we don't want that" so once some people cleared out Jody ran with no shoes to go take some shots of it and the officer offered to take our photo together in front of it for us. He took 2 of them. They turned out nice. I of course like the other one because it doesn't show my leg with the bandage on it covering my ugly blue stitches but Jody loves this one because well she looks hot! She has lost so much weight and her legs and her new high heels looked really good in this shot. So this is the one I get to post! Its still probably one of the most decent pictures of me the whole vacation. Still big but I can't change that except to keep working on losing more weight! However, I love that we got that shot and its the two of us together.

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Jody said...

I love both of them, but i think this one is better :) let me fimd the other one and i'll send it to you :) I think we both look great in it!