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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I leave on Saturday to go see my Dad in Illinios!

This is sort of a update post. No pictures "YET"!!!! Anyway, I Finally get to go see my dad after his motorcycle accident. I am very excited about it. My mom will be there for like a day before she heads back to Alaska to finish out the summer up on the North Slope. I will stay all week and have some good ole' fashioned father/daughter time with him. I am there to help if he needs it. From what I understand he is well on his way to fast recovery and keeps reminding me of that every time we talk. He is still in a scooter to get around but he is making it work. He has lots of friends and family still coming and going to check on him constantly. I think he is getting sick of people at the house but after my visit, my brother Jay gets to fly in from Alaska for a week to spend time with him as well. I talked with Jay and he is ready to go see him also. We have waited oh so patiently to see him. However, my kids are upset that they can't go see him too. They love their Papaw and have been so worried about him. After his accident, 3 days later we lost our grandmother as many of you might remember. Well, that really bothered the kids. They were so scared that Papaw was going to die too. It took a lot of reassuring and talking to Papaw on the phone and him helping calm them down and letting them hear his voice to convince them he was going to be alright. Same goes for me! I needed to hear his voice to know he was OK. Now I get to lay eyes on him and spend time with him. I promise to take pictures so I can update Face book while I am gone, because well NO ONE has been taking pictures that I know of! I have been asked many times on updates on him and a picture of him on his mini version of a motorcycle is just what we all need!!!! Oh, he will love me for that! Plus some pics of us together etc.... When Jay gets in, I will try to get one of him with Jay and I as well. So I will be gone all next week and arrive home on the 4th of July! Just in time to spend the evening watching fireworks with my kids. We decided to keep our shop open, and both Chris and I still work together on the phone and email. It should work out. We got Sami by her request trained on how to paint wood and she is excited because she has hounded us to let her help paint for awhile now. So we are going to pay her like 50cents a board that she paints and she is also getting paid to help watch the kids while I am gone and Chris is at work. Thank goodness they all sleep in till like noon and longer! You can tell Summer hours have hit our house. Anyway, just thought I would update and let you all know I will be gone from June 27th-July4th to see my dad. Can't wait. Its only my second time ever leaving my kids since they have been born. Its a weird feeling to do it and the kids have been giving me much grief about it. I will also have my cellphone handy while I am gone. I will post during my week visit with updates!

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