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Monday, June 1, 2009

Ethan gets 2 Awards of Commendation for Excellence in Science and Math Today!


Well, it was Ethan's Day to shine. This morning was his schools award ceremony for all those who got commended for excellence on the state Tack Tests. If you pass the required points and exceed beyond it and more the parents get a letter in the mail telling us that our child is excelling and has tests above average in these subjects. Well today Ethan got to be the proud receiver of two metals for it. Ethan is in that stage were playing it cool is the way to be, however he had made a comment to me at Sami's last ceremony, " Mom are you going to cheer for me when I get my awards?" Why yes, Ethan I will. Well today, he looked at me up in the bleachers and I cupped my hands around my mouth to mimic cheering for him and he was like OH NO!!! He wanted to play it cool and laid back now. Well you have to hold your applause till after each class's receives their awards. Yeah, they called Ethan's name and I yelled really load " GO ETHAN!!!" He smiled this big huge smile at me for doing it even thou he was trying to play cool. We got a good chuckle out of the staff. Then when he was on stage the announced his name again to receive his second award and I cheered again but this time Hannah was in the audience with her class and she had her class yell for him too. He had a pretty big smile on his face after that one. We are very proud of Ethan. He studied hard for these tests and the reward is so sweet when earned and that he did. Friday is the last day of school here. On Thursday we have Elijah's Kindergarten Graduation Party! How sad, my last one. However, for Elijah its all good, he is going to be a 1st grader now! Crazy....

Sami will be starting 8th grade next year
Ethan will be starting 6th grade next year
Hannah will be starting 2nd grade next year
Elijah will be starting 1st grade next year

CRAZY!!!!! But Loving every minute of it!
Great Job Ethan, We are so proud of you and Love you Bud!
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Jody said...

I love you Ethan, and am very proud of you! Aunt Jody