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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Corpus Christi Beach Shots of The Final Four and Team Cooper at Padre Island


So I am not going to write to much because a picture is worth a thousand words. We had a blast! We were going to go to the USS Lexington which is a huge World War II ship that had all kinds of cool things to do but nope!!! Jody took our family photos on the beach and all the kids wanted back in that clear blue Coast of Mexico Ocean Water. They had some really white sands and the bluest water. It was like taking a bath warm water ok!!!! So warm. Kevin and Jody found a couple of washed up Jelly Fish but that was the extent of our run ins to sea life aside from Jody had a goal to collect seashells and well her and Sami and Hannah and The Triplets collected Real Live Hermit Crabs! Big ones and small ones. Adventurely they died and now she can decorate with them for picture frames. All the kids didn't want to leave the beach. They wanted to stay in Corpus Christi and go another day in the water. Yes, all 10 cousins had become beach bums!!!! With my leg having stitch's in it and me trying to take some pictures of the kids in the water I got my leg infected, but oh well, I got some cute shots of the kids I really like. We can't wait to get our photo session that Jody took of us on the beach! However, let me tell you all something. The WIND blows there non stop! Ok!!! Not kidding. We kept wishing for it to stop but oh no, it would not stop. So oh well, beach pictures with wind, what can you say except that is how is should look like! Natural. I will upload all the Pictures Jody took when she gets them edited etc and sent to me to change out our pictures on the side of the kids and we will have New Family Pictures!! I can't wait. Over all with a few bumps and bruises along the way and 14 people in 1900 sq ft. house, we couldn't have asked for a better week and one that went by way to fast. All my kids are not happy they leave tomorrow to go home. Nor am I ready to let go of Jody but new plans are in the works for possibly getting together in August. We will have to see. Please feel free to click on the pictures to make them larger to see better thru out the whole blog. It does help to see clearly.
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