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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sami to be awarded 3 more times!

Well, what can I say except to brag on my kids achievements yet again!!! We got notice that Sami will be receiving 3 awards at the National Student Achievement Banquet on May 14th! We all have to wear formal attire to boot for this dinner and award ceremony. Because both Chris and I want to go we are paying for the whole family to go. Now what to wear??? I have lost so much weight that the dress I had from Christmas is way to big, however not enough weight to make me happy. Chris is the same way. All his clothes are to big and Sami well she is getting a new top to go with her brand new black shirt and Hannah has pretty dress's already and the boys well, boys are easy, kacki pants and nice shirt!!! We are not much into formal wear but we will do it for this. We are so proud of Sami and the goals she is achieving. She came to Chris and I this week and told us she did research and she has decided what college she wants to attend and its Texas A&M! They have one of the Top Rated Schools for Veterinary Medicine and that is what she wants to be a Vet Doctor. Her teacher also helped her download and get requirements etc for the school. I hope she keeps this up so those scholarships roll in to help us pay for that! What can we say...... we have smart kids. I think its skipped a generation!!!! That was for Papaw who always reminds me of that! Way to go Sami!

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