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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sami being awarded at the Academic Banquet for making Honor Roll All Year Long!!!

Look how beautiful she is!!! We had a Semi-Formal Academic Banquet to attend tonight in honor of all the students of Stacy Jr/Sr. High School. Well our Sami was among one of the students being honored for Making National Honor Society and for being a Honor Roll Student the Whole School Year!!! So today, to celebrate I went and got Sami out of school and we went shopping to find the perfect dress for her to wear tonight. Mom needed a outfit also, but we won't go there!! Anyway, after trying on like 8 dress's we decided, wait let me correct that statement. I loved this dress from the moment I seen it on her, however Sami wasn't sold on it till she tried on them all, and then she carried around this dress and a black and hot pink and white dress trying to decide. Then she found the shoes she is wearing and decided to go with my favorite and now hers this black and white and yellow sundress. She looked so pretty and so grown up. The funny thing is all her friends dared her to wear the dress to school tomorrow. She took the dare and is doing it to prove she is not just a tom boy! Yeah, that means mom gets up and does the hair and makeup for her all before 7am!
These are some pictures of us at the dinner portion of the Banquet. These are Some of Sami's friends that were being awarded also. Not very many of her friends thou, I might add. However, I was glad to see some of them there and doing well in school. They did a slide show of all the kids who were being award pictures that the school went around taking of them yesterday. It was pretty funny. This was the first time that they ever had to have the banquet in the cafeteria because they sold over 220 tickets for the banquet. It was the biggest turn out to recognize academic achievement at the school. Very awesome thing!
These are some pictures of of Sami getting her awards tonight. My others turned out blurry!! I was so upset. The Principal in these shots announced that after 5 years of being at the school he will not be coming back next year as principal because he will be the next super attendant of the Lackland ISD School District! Pretty impressive job! We also learned after they went threw all the honor roll students and awards they left the best for last. Last year 4 students carried a 4.0 all year long. This year only 1 did. She was a 8th grader. Out of the 7th-12th grade she was the only student to have all A's all year long. That girl got a standing ovation and what a achievement it was for her. I leaned over to Sami and said 'Ummmm can you say scholarship right there!" Sami just started laughing. Another student got a 4 year scholarship to Our Lady of the Lake College here in San Antonio. Plus tons of big awards were handed out. It gave Sami and Ethan and Hannah and Elijah something to strive for in the future. Sami has set some big goals up for herself. One of them is too attend Texas A&M for 2 major's. They are Veterinarian in Large Animal and Small Medicine. I am so glad she has a goal and is trying to reach it. She is active in the schools programs outside of class's and student council and volunteer's and tons more. If she stays on this track she is on I know she will achieve every dream she has. As her parents we get to help her along the way and also sit back and watch in amazement and pride at the things Samantha Pearson will accomplish! We are so proud of you Sami, Keep up the good work!
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Jody said...

Very Good Sam! I am very proud!
:) and I love the yellow/black dress the best!