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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prayer Request for my Dad!

Last night around 1am my dad was riding his Harley back home on a dark road. When out of the corner of his eye he seen a deer coming up on the side of the road. In good instinct he was able to lay the bike down on its side at which point the bike crushed his right ankle and then kick the bike with his other foot toward the deer and started a log roll where when he hit pavement crushed and shattered his R Elbow which caused him to send his upper arm up and break and come out of the skin called a open fracture. They did surgery last night within 30 minutes of him arriving to the hospital on his ankle to get him stabilized because he was tackacardic. They were able to stabilize his arm and put it in a device of some sort and sling it till they can go in and due surgery on Tuesday at which point we will know more of the extent of damage to it and what all is going to be needed to repair the arm. The Doctor did tell me that he is one lucky man to have been in that type of accident and still be alive and they are calling him Dead Man Walking! Because the injury's are on opposite sides of the body, rehabilitation is going to be extensive and tricky because he none weight baring on both for a minimum of 6 weeks. He will need extensive Physical Therapy to say the least. We will know more as the days go by and what our plans are going to be. My mom is flying in from Alaska and will arrive in Chicago in the morning, then once dad goes home, Jay my brother is going to fly in from Alaska to help him for as long as he can and then I am going in to help. However, all plans are just that, plans. Nothing is set in stone as of right now. We will know as the week progress. Please pray for him. He is in serious condition but talking and even called me! It was so good to hear his voice. He is in a lot of pain and I just pray for a faster than normal recovery for him because he is not a sit around on you butt kind of guy at all! He is not liking being in the hospital either and made them take his Foley out and he wouldn't use his pain pump or PCA as us in the medical career field call it and the nurse asked me to talk to him about using it. So I did and I made him hit the button twice while I was on the phone with him and he started to get sleepy. I told him to keep hitting that button and sleep. I will keep you all posted on his condition as it comes to me. Just please keep him in your prayers. Love to all, Cori and Family

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