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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures of our G.G.

 These are some collages we put together of Chris's grandmother and as far as I am concerned my grandmother too. These are pictures we have of her that are most recent over the past couple of years with visits to our home and us in Washington visiting.
  The kids call her G.G. because well they get confused with all the grandparents that they have, weather its grandparents or great-grandparents. So each grandparent has a special name so they kids know who we are talking about. G.G. came about when Grandma Kaffy said lets just call her G.G. that stands for Great Grandma and it has stuck! We adore her and are facing something that we knew was coming for awhile now and it seems is getting closer. We got a phone call from Grandma Kaffy (Chris's Mom) and she said that she is very close to passing on.
To what we understand she became unresponsive over the weekend and was rushed by ambulance to the ER to run test. At that point her vitals were still strong, she was just really weak. Over the past months she has become weaker and weaker and can't do anything for herself anymore. She mostly just wants to sleep. She has said for years now that she was ready to go and that she was tired but as we told her, that timeline is in God's Hands. Now it seems that, that time is nearing. She is still very weak and unresponsive and only sleeps now. Doesn't even leave a bed and it is just a matter of of days or weeks from what we got the impression of. Chris and I are taking it hard. Its been a very emotional week with my father and his accident and now this. We feel torn, and a sadness that overwhelms you when things like this happen. However, I also know that she will be with Jesus and dancing a jig in heaven with Poppa when she gets there. I can only imagine their reunion and her face when she sees God welcome her home with open arms. We will be gone over the weekend but will keep everyone posted as we know things as best we can. Again, we thank you for all the emails and prayers coming our way! Please continue to pray for not only my father and our family but G.G. and all of Chris's family as we face losing our beloved G.G.
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