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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pictures of My Dad in the hospital with my Mom and the deer he hit!

Ok, I was the last to see these images I think because well I don't carry a cell phone that often, but Sami does and hers accepts photos and allows us to email them which is how I got these photos on to the computer to post. Thank goodness for technology! He looks better than I had envisioned but he still looks horrible. They will hopefully be able to go and do surgery on his arm on Tuesday and that is a big maybe to my understanding. If not then probably Thursday as late as Friday. The pain caught up with him today, and his back and body are having muscle spasms really bad, so they gave him some shots to help with pain and the spasms and the nausea. We haven't gotten the test results in yet from the CT Scan on his arm yet. To my understanding and this is of course just a understanding because at this point everythings seems to be changing daily, that because he has no elbow left and the damage done to upper arm, it may take a couple of surgery's. The first surgery is going to take care of the most important issues and close the wound. Then I believe after some PT and down the road when his arm is able to take it they will rebuild anything that needs rebuilding like his elbow. We do not know if he will lose some function in his arm yet but we are pretty sure he will, but to the degree of it, that has yet to be determined. Please keep him in your prayers and our family. I thank you all for the emails and phone calls. It really means a lot.

This is a picture of the deer my dad hit on his Harley at 1am on a dark road headed home. The bike is totalled and the deer is dead but my dad is alive and I am so grateful for that. God was watching over him that is for sure! I will post and update more pictures and information as I get it. Love Cori and Family

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