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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures of Dad's Harley after the accident!

These are some pictures we got today of Dad's bike after hitting the deer. Not totalled like previously thought. From what I was told about $4-5000 in damage. Fixable! Talked to dad today before he went into surgery and and lost it. I hadn't cried yet with him on the phone. He raised me to be strong and pick up pieces like he does and so far I have pulled it together until I heard about his arm. Just wishing I could be there to hold his hand and tell him how much I love him to his face. However, I did tell him on the phone and I know he knows how much I love him. He is really tired and grumpy because he can't eat, drink and is in a lot of pain and just wants the surgery over with. I can't say I blame him. He has agreed finally, that once he is off his PCA Pump,(pain meds) and can be moved he will go to the Rehab floor for a couple weeks of therapy before going home. I also was told that he is going to hire a nurse and a PT Doctor to come to the house everyday once he goes home to help him learn to function at home and help keep him moving. Its going to be very painful and a long road but a relief flooded over me when I heard he agreed to it today. I just keep praying and praying and praying for God to continue to hold a hand of healing over his body and spirit and mind. He is a independent soul, a independent, self driven, weight of the world on my shoulders person. He has some pretty big shoulders too but my prayer is that he can regain that feeling about himself and one day ride his bike again. Its who he is. Its his pressure relief valve in life. Its his passion and I wouldn't want him to lose that. So please keep him in prayers and lift him up along with my mom who is beyond stressed out. She has to go back up to the slope at some point and do so and leave him is going to be one of the hardest things she has ever had to do. Jay and I can't wait to go see him. I know that we will when he gets home. Both Jay and I are growing impatient, I am of course more expressive about it than he but I guess that is why I know my family so well. I was raised to take the lead when Dad is down and I am doing my best and still trying to respect wishes. That one is hard for me as well. I feel like saying "Screw it" and get on a plane anyway and go see him for myself and ask the questions and take care and fix the problem. Sounds a bit like a "Dad Complex" doesn't it.

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