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Monday, May 4, 2009

Kids at SeaWorld on Saturday! Went to go see Sara Evans in Concert.

The first collage is mostly of the kids at the Sea World Bud & BBQ Concert Series that they have every summer. This year Sara Evans kicked it off!! Man were the kids excited to go see her live in Concert and so was Chris and I till in the middle of the night Friday night I woke up hot as could be. I was running a low grade fever and in a lot of pain in my leg. NO I don't have Swine Flu! It was just my RSD acting up again. Fun how that happens. So anyway, Chris still wanted to take the kids so they went. I was so bumbed but knew I couldn't go. However, the went in late afternoon and hit the water park! Sea World opened their water park already due to what we think is the high temps we have been having already here in San Antonio. Then they went to feed the dolphins and hit the Shark Encounter and then off to the Concert they went. Sami was so sweet she recorded 4 videos for me to watch of her singing some of my favorite songs and called me during 2 of my favorites so I could hear it over the phone. " Could not ask for more" and "Real Fine Place to Start". Its so funny you can hear Sami and Hannah singing to the songs in the video clips they recorded for me. See my girls love me!!!
Chris and the boys sat back on the bleachers during the concert because well Ethan thinks concerts are to load and Elijah fell asleep in the wagon! How he sleeps thru such load things I will never know but I guess the Water park wore him out, well that and the heat. Chris said thou she is really good in concert and of course as Ethan put it to me " Sami and Hannah had to be right up front so they could touch her!" They did that last year when they went to go see Miranda Lambert. Miranda actually held Hannah's hand during a song and Hannah was so happy about that she is still bragging and was convinced that Sara Evans would do the same thing, however she didn't and Hannah was bumbed about that one. Once the concert was over they talked Chris into going on the Journey to Atlantes which is a half roller coaster and half water ride. Well Elijah wanted to be down in the spray area to get wet. That is what these bottom pictures are. When the ride comes down into the water it sends out huge waves and it splashes anyone in standing distance of it. Elijah loves that part and he got soaked! However, its a little kid heaven in that area as you can see. Elijah is tall enough to go on the ride but for whatever reason he decided to hit the sidelines this time. Next Saturday the girls are already begging us to take them to go see Jessica Simpson and then the following Saturday its Billy Ray Cyrus, which is really who Sami wants to see. Hannah like Jessica. Ethan on the other hand begged us to leave him home so he didn't have to sit as he put it "At another Chick Concert!" Goodness I love him. Sometimes he can be just the right kind of sarcastic and funny all at the same time! Till next post~!
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