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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just some FYI so I don't forget to remind you all!

Hey I just wanted to let you all know that Chris has gone TDY. Not for long at all. I think this is the shortest one he has ever had to be on, honest! When ever he goes its for a minum of 2 weeks but he is only gone till Saturday. 5 Days but you would have thought it a year the way Hannah and Elijah cried when we dropped him at the airport. Elijah stuffed his Captain Feathersword in Chris's suitcase and told him it was so he didn't forget him while he was gone. Oh, the tear jeakers!!! Then Hannah came down with a picture of her from school and put it in and said he had to carry with his heart. Can you say, oh my!!! Sami and Ethan were like see ya dad on Saturday! As they get older its easier I think especially when the concept the fact that its a short TDY not a deployment for months on end. Anyway, he went to Scott AFB, in St. Louis, IL. Or close by there!!! He was going to met up with my dad and my Uncle but both ended up not being able to meet up with him due to work so that was a bumber but he will be busy anyway teaching this class. He is however, going to go looking for some unique items for our Endless Possibilities store! I can't wait to see what he finds. I sent him with our cell phone so he can call me from the stores and tell me what he has found or ask questions or ask me what I think basically. This part of the business is what I do and he as he put it to me just does what I say! No, he has really become a great graphic designer. So he has some ideas in his head and he is on a mission. Its so great that we both have really fallen in love with our home business and we are so grateful that it is starting to take flight. God is good. Speaking of that, just while Chris is gone and traveling please keep him in your prayers for safe travel and to make it home safely to us!

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Jody said...

I can't wait to see if they made rank in 48 hours! :)