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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Elijah

Here are pictures before everyone dug into the cake and presents!! Elijah wanted a superhero birthday and got it. He has superhero capes that we hung on the wall behind him that he just loved. He was just one excited 6 year old boy who like any other kid was enjoying his birthday party. This was only his second time bowling and he loved it. A matter of fact all our kids really had a good time. With bowling being pretty cheap we might have to take them a couple of times during the summer to get them out of the house or heat! Its differently a fun family event you can do together.
We also celebrated Sami turning 13 because she didn't have a bday party because she wanted to wait till summer, however it didn't plan out the way she wanted to so Chris and I got her a little cake and sang to her as well. As you can see they tore into the cake and presents soon after their first game of bowling. Most of the little kids didn't even finish their first game because they were to excited to go for cake and presents. After party was over we still had 30 minutes left to bowl and my 4 kids went crazy just bowling back to back. Just throwing whatever they could. It so funny to sit and watch them. We had a great time and glad that we could celebrate Elijah and Sami's Birthdays. Elijah's real Birth date is May 28th! This Thursday. We have some extra little presents for him then to recognize the actual day.
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Jody said...

happy birthday elijah! :)