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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hannah and Elijah's "New" Bedding

Hannah in her "New" Ballerina Barbie Bedding! She finally out grew Disney Princess's. However she still loves to play with them!
I say "New" bedding in quotes because well me being the sometimes pack rat that I am and trying to save money had before we left Alaska bought tons of those space savers bags to vacuum seal lines and blankets and things I didn't want ruined in the move.
Well, Hannah and Elijah have had the same bedding for a couple of years now and have been begging me to buy them new bedding. I was going too, but Chris happened to get into some of our storage bends and guess what I found in there. Sami and Ethan's old bedding that I had saved to pass down to Hannah and Elijah. Sami loved barbies and got this bedding believe or not when we lived in Spain! Ethan got this bedding when we first moved to Omaha. You would have thought it Christmas in my house with how excited they were to get new bedroom sets. They are growing up and needed something more mature and with Elijah loving everything Action Hero, Power Rangers were to the rescue! Hannah just now starting to get into Barbies and loving anything girly was so happy to have this new bedroom set also. Mom was happy she just saved herself tons of money!!
This is a picture of Elijah showing off his new bedding just in time for his 6th birthday. He even had to show the throw pillow that he got. He even went to bed early so he could sleep in his new bed as he put it!!! See I knew there was a reason I have so much stuff. I hold onto it to pass it down. I have a stock pile of clothing as well. Now just to find someone to pass down Hannah and Elijah's stuff. I hear Garage Sales are good for this kind of thing!!!! One is coming soon that is for sure.


Jody said...

love the new bedding!

jenifer said...

You choose right colors for kids bedding!! Pink for girl and blue for boy is prefect... I have seen cool designs for kids bedding at Annas Linens...