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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going to Mo Ranch in Hill Country for Family Retreat!

Last year, Chris and I were able to go to Mo-Ranch for a couples retreat getaway for 4 days. Nana came in and watched the kids for us and Chris and I were able to go and meet wonderful people and experience God's purpose in our marriage and learn things about what God and what the bible says we should be doing in our marriage and give us the tools to try to make sure our marriage stays on the right track so to speak. Well this year the base Chaplin is offering a Family Retreat were we can bring our kids. They are going to have horse back riding, rock climbing, river rafting, swimming, confidence building exercises and class's and tons more activities for the kids to do and the parents get to have their own class's as well. So about a month or so ago Chris came home and asked if I would be interested in going back and of course I said "HECK YES!!" We loved it up there and this time we get to take our kids which is a big plus for us. Last time we kept saying "oh the kids would love this place, or the kids would love to do that, or can you imagine if the kids were here and could do this?" So this year we get to take them. We go from May 29th-31st. We get to have a sunrise service again overlooking the countryside which this time I am much thinner and we as a family get hopefully get a picture in front of my favorite cross up there on that mountain! Plus so much more things to do. Its going to be a exciting weekend spent not only in God's Word and learning more and also the kids but great fun with our family and others who we will get to experience this with. We can't wait!
These are some of the pictures I was able to take last year on our trip there and driving threw Hill Country. Oh the little antique shops and farms and towns. I wanted so badly to stop last time and this time we are stopping. Even Chris said we were going to stop and take the kids threw these little antique touristy type towns. I bet we find somewhere cool to eat and maybe find some cool stuff for our store. If you want to check out Mo Ranch and all they have to offer up there, here is the website.! Go check it out and see why we are so excited to be going back!

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