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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Final Four all Dressed up !

Ok, we all know how hard it is to get everyone to look at the camera and then to get my older kids to stop with the "are we done yet?" question when it comes to taking pictures. However, I have not had a good picture of the four of them together all dressed up and looking so nice in a long time so I took full advantage of it and boy, you should see the pictures I didn't post. These were the best ones and some of my fav's of The Final Four!
These are some individual shots of Ethan, Hannah and Elijah and shots of Sami and Ethan together (our oldest two) and Hannah and Elijah together(our younger two). Plus a shot of Sami and Mom. As you know we were all dressed up because Sami was being awarded for making honor roll all year long at a Semi-Formal Academic Banquet tonight. I am not in pictures very often and again, this is why however, I need to take one with my daughter who I am so proud of. Chris is TDY, and missed tonight but we called him and wished he was there the whole time.
These are pictures of my two girls together and my two boys together. These are the best shots I got. They kept complaining that the sun was in their eyes and it was really windy out. However, look what beautiful and handsome children we have. I wish they were babies again sometimes because watching them and seeing pictures of them growing up brings tears to my eyes. Especially Sami, who we celebrated this night for. She is growing up so fast and becoming such a wonderful young girl.
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Jody said...

Very nice header! and we will not be doing the fake smile for Aunt Jody when she shoots us k :)