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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chris is home!

Just wanted to let you all know that Chris is home from Scott AFB, IL. Of course his plane was delayed 2 hours due to severe thunderstorms here in Texas but he got home safe and sound. We had a severe down pour but a much needed one for we are in a big drought. However, it made seeing the road on the drive to the airport a bit hairy but we made it non the less. The kids were so happy to see him. You would have thought he had been gone for a year the way they acted. Now, its back to getting orders done for our shop and getting laundry done for the upcoming week ahead of us. WE are soooo busy the next couple of weeks. Elijah's bday party is going to be the 23rd of May at the Base Bowling Alley, then Memorial Weekend we are headed to Hill Country for a Family Retreat, and the following weekend my cousin and her family arrive and the following weekend we are headed to Corpus Christi. Wow!!! writing that all out sounds busy but I love it. It gets us up and moving and doing things before the long summer sets in with its heat. However, I think we already have hit some high heat marks but I could be wrong. 105 with humidity is nothing according to true Texans we talk too. Also, I updated by phone and emails but not here, After much disappointment for Chris, he did not make Msgt this year. However, there is always next year and I have a sneaking feeling that next year is his year to make it. He is not happy with himself but I remind him that it will happen when it is suppose to happen and to think about all the other people who have been in years longer and are just now making it. Msgt will happen, we just need to give it to God and put it in his hands. The thing Chris dreads most is well its back to studying for him for the next testing cycle in Feb 10'. Thank you all for your support and prayers it truly means alot. Till next time!

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