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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Awww that's better!!!!

My Favorite Picture of Ethan, Hannah and Elijah enjoying their new pool in our backyard. The perfect cure for a hot day and after school activity!
Ethan enjoying a cool dip in our new pool after school. He is such a handsome boy! He jumped right in the pool with school clothes on and all! I had to make him change in order to swim.
Hannah enjoying cooling off after walking home in 97 degree heat screaming with excitement when she seen the pool was ready for her to get into.
Elijah enjoying the coolness of the water all by himself before the kids got home from school. As Elijah put it, Awww this is the life!
Its has been very hot and humid here lately and the kids have been dying for the pools to open and begging to have water gun fights and for us to turn on the sprinklers. While at Wal-Mart yesterday buying Elijah's Birthday Party invitations I seen they had all the summer pool stuff out and went to check out the prices. I got this pool for only $20!!! Plus a slip-n-slide for $5! I told the kids that if they got all their homework done and did all their choirs I would have the pool blown up and full of cool water waiting on them when they got home from school today, and boy were they excited to see it ready for them to play. Elijah gets home 45 minutes before the other 3 do so he got the pool all to himself for 45mins and loved it. Hannah came running and screaming up the side of the yard when she seen it from the sidewalk on her walk home from school. Ethan just took of his shoes and socks and dropped his backpack right then and there in the backyard and jumped in the pool. I just laughed and said to him " I don't think so, go change first and then you can get wet!" They played for 3 hours out in the pool and on the slip-n-slide. Poor Elijah got burned. Wasn't thinking about sunblock but I will next time that is for sure. You don't see Sami in these because she walked home with her girlfriend and she was to cool to jump in with the kids. However, when her friend left the next thing I knew she was in the pool with the kids!!! This was the perfect reward for the kids for doing a great job with choirs and homework. Its also going to be a great tool to use as punishment when they don't do it!!! hehehehe:) Little do they know how Mom is always thinking ahead! Anyway, I just thought I would share some of these great shots I got of them. It already feels like Summer has started for us weather wise but officially the kids start summer break June5th. The last day of school and the first day Mom starts the countdown till school starts again I am sure! NO, I love having them home with me. The fighting over space in the pool thou I sure will get old fast. Good thing we have season passe's to SeaWorld and Six Flags. Waterparks here we come!
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