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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zoe our neighbors puppy

The other day the kids and thier friends were out back playing. About a month ago they rang our doorbell with this brand new puppy. Well the puppy has now become our adoptive dog or at least my kids adoptive dog. Dad says no way to anymore dogs right now. SO Zoe makes her apperence ever so often at our home. She is really a sweet dog and the kids are in love with her. She runs and plays with the kids so much. She just loves the attention I think. So I got the camera out and took some shots of them playing with the puppy. This dog doesn't even need a leash. It just comes over and plays and then goes home and she is only like 8 weeks old. Elijah just loves her and everytime she leaves he cries for our old dog Lizzie. Zoe looks a lot like Lizzie did and is just as playful. Elijah has become very attached to this dog and the dog to Elijah. She follows him everywhere even into our house! We don't mind as long as its not to long in the house. She is a good girl and maybe this summer we will consider getting a new puppy. Who knows. Its daddy we have to get the approval from first!

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Jody said...

I am with Daddy... nope! :)