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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Wedding at the Alamo!!


Ok, we are at the Alamo! Not planned but missed the beginning of Monsters Vs. Aliens at the RiverWalk and decided to walk down the street to the Alamo. My plan was to get some pictures of my kids with Nana there but as we turned the corner there was a huge Spanish Wedding outside of the Alamo. As soon as we approached because we really couldn't see because so many people were crowded around there to watch I realized they were taking pictures in front of the Alamo. So I started snapping away as did the crowd of on lookers. However, I mostly did it because I wanted to show my cousin Jody who is a Photographer these shots. We called her to tell her because Man! This is a photographers dream gig!!!! Then I realized Holy Cow!!! Across the street in the plaza was their outdoor reception!! Plus they charterd a big giant tour bus for all thier guests to come in and a limo. All I got to say is "MONEY"!!! OK!!! They were loaded. Plus thier was 3 photographers and 1 videographer there to catch all angles of this photo shoot and the reception. It was amazing to stand back and watch as on lookers to this couples special day plus really neat. Jody is coming in June and really all we could think is Man, Jody would love to have this job!!! Even my kids were like Man Mom, Aunt Jody would love to be here right now! Yes, Yes she would!
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Jody said...

that is very cool, i wish... :)