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Thursday, April 23, 2009

We are obessed!

Ok, what do you do when you have 5 baby birds chirping all day long while mommy goes out to play?
Oh, yeah you sit and talk to them like they are babies and make baby sounds at them and take pictures of them and ew and ah over them every chance you get that's what you do! The kids are obsessed with these birds also. They sit at the window and watch the mom bird feed them when she fly's back and when she is not there they learned if they clap their hands the birds come up out of the nest with beaks open ready for food. Well, I made this little clicking noise and sure enough they came right up out of the nest beaks open for me to get these shots of them. Last night thou we were worried. It was really late. Chris and I were working on a Vinyl project till like 1am and I went to check on them and NO MOMMA BIRD!!! She hadn't been there all day! So I started to think the worst. Well today she is back!! Thank goodness, I have no idea how to take care of these birds myself. Chris was like "let nature take care of them!" Ok, no they will die if the mom doesn't come back!!! So we googled how to take care of baby birds, Yeah NO!! So I was going to call the human society or someone who would take these birds in if mom didn't come back. I am hoping that soon they will be able to see and start flying away and leaving the nest so I don't feel like Momma bird #2 of them. I can't help but check on them all the time!
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