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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sami with friends and Family!


After her Ceremony we took pictures of Sami with friends and had her friend take pictures of Chris and I with her. Don't even get me started on those pictures!! Anyway, we then took her and the kids and 3 of her friends to Chili's for a dinner celebration! We had a blast. Lets just say... the things you learn about when 13-14 year old girls are talking and your almost 11 year old son has a crush on your older daughters friends!! Ethan and Sami are like that commerical for the cell phone my favorites by ALL TELL!! Yeah, the one were the daughter has her best friends as her fav's and the son is asked who are your fav's and he repeats the daughter's friends names and say's " What her friends are HOT!" Yeah, Ethan was drooling all night. Then there is Elijah who is still in that cute stage and all the girls loved him and he looked at Ethan and was like " Look at me Ethan, Covered in girls!!" Oh my, I guess we all know that my boys like girls! It was to funny and so much fun to have Sami's friends around and talking with them and giving advice and everyone just enjoying our time together and celebrating Sami's accomplishments. What a great night!
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Jody said...

You all look graet! :) hey, the other collage is not showing for me?? Love ya Jody