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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sami makes National Honor Society


Today we got Sami's offical report card along with this letter in the mail!!! Sorry no scanner so I had to take a picture of it to post. If you can't read it, it say's:

The principal, faculty, and staff of Stacey Junior-Senoir High School are pleased to announce the selection of Sami Pearson for the National Junior Honor Society.
Induction will be held on Monday April 16th, 2009 at 5pm in the Cynthia Lyon Center. Please invite your family and friends to join us. Congradulations!!!

We are so proud of Sami and ofcourse in Sami fashion was only worried that she had to wear a dress to this big function!!! YES! Say's NANA!!!!! She also got her new slide phone today and we are taking her now to go get new glass's and some new clothes. Plus the kids Easter outfits!!!

Real quickly too. Ethan got all A's and 2 B's!!!! He is doing great and was only 3 points away from being commended in his Reading Tact Tests!!! Very proud of him too.

Hannah: Like Sami got all A's!!!! In first grade her they give letter grades. However, the tested her because they can without parent permission if the teacher see's fit too, and she is in all subjects testing at a 3rd grade level. So we are very proud of her also.

Elijah is also doing very well. Right were he is suppose to be for his grade level and loving school. He ofcourse hates that the kids get letter grades and he doesn't but he will next year. Ok, your updated and we shared our proud news with you about Sami making National Honor Roll. I will take plenty of pictures of that day and post them!
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Jody said...

Very Nice Sam.....
hahahaha you have to wear a dress :) A skirt wouldn't be too bad Sam, if you pick one you like :)