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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sami getting dressed and ready for her Honor Society Award!


Ok, most of you know Sami, and those who don't well you will. Sami is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl to say the least. That is who she is and for the most part I am fine with it. She doesn't like to dress up and never has. Well when she got notice that she made the National Honor Society we told her she had to wear a dress or skirt but something nice and look nice for the ceremony. So her and some girlfriends who are pictured with her went and pick out her outfit with out me. It worked out better this way I guess, less arguing over what she is going to wear! They did a good job thou picking it out. So she came home from school and showered and I did her hair and makeup for tonight. Man did she throw a fit when it came time for makeup! She hates anything to touch her eyes. But after much argueing I got it on and she looked so pretty that she even liked how she looked. Then she got dressed and got some head shots of her with glass's and without and full length shots of her in her outfit. She is growing up way to fast and Oh how pretty she looked.
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Jody said...

Samantha, You look beautiful! I am proud of you! Love Aunt Jody :)