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Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Day At Six Flags with Nana!


To be honest I have no idea why Nana is not in any pictures. She took some of us on the race track, which I WON!!! Not bragging or anything!!!! Anyway, Nana leaves tonight and we will miss her. Elijah is already having a really hard time and crying and upset and begging her to stay and telling her how much he is going to miss her when she is gone. I made a rule in the house now. All Visitors must not tell Elijah when they are leaving till that day!!! He wants everyone to stay!!! I also had my second surgery on my mouth today and its killing me so I am going to be chilling for the weekend that is for sure!!! Anyway, I will try to get a picture of all the kids with Nana before she leaves tonight so I have one of this visit and post it. Enjoy the pictures of the kids at Six Flags. Nana also surprised us for Easter and bought us SeaWorld Pass's for the year! The kids are going to be so excited to see them in their Easter Baskets come sunday. They are also coloring eggs tonight but they didn't want to do it while Nana was here because they wanted to spend time with her playing cards and games and having all her attention!!! Yes, I think Chris and I will miss her too when she is gone. Back to doing dish's and laundry!! She always does that when she comes. Chris's parents did the samething and cooked the whole time. They say its because they are here to help and spend time with the grandkids all Chris and I know is its less work for us and we miss the help when its gone!! Thanks for coming Nana, and we will see you in September!!!
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Jody said...

we can't wait to go to Six Flags... good think y'all have season tickets! :)