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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nana Arrives Tonight!

The kids are beyond excited. They just had a visit from Poppa and Grandma Pearson and now Nana is coming! I am excited also to see my mom. She has a full week planned out for us. She brought a list of resturants she seen on the Food Network here in San Antonio she wants us to go try while the kids are in school! That should be fun! Shopping Friday with the kids and getting Sami's glass's, Saturday Six Flags, Sunday a day of rest!!!! Mon-Thurs whatever she wants to go do during the day while kids at school. Friday there is no school before Easter and I am off for more oral surgery so she is babysitting!!! So busy week ahead, plus I have to start buying stuff for Easter! Shoot, I am behind. Anyway, we are off to the airport shortly. My dad actually headed off to Arizona to be a best man in a friends wedding. So they dropped each other off at thier gates and got on thier own planes to head out. They crack me up!

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