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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My baby loss's his first tooth:(


Ok, a sad day for mommy but a happy day for Elijah. My last baby has lost his first tooth today! He is so excited about this and well I am not! All his first's are actually all my last's and it makes me sad. Time is going way to fast. However, Elijah is so excited to have the Toothfairy coming to give him his $5 for his first tooth tonight! Yeah, this was a tradition started by Uncle Kevin. He was at our home when Sami lost her first tooth and said to her that the Toothfairy bring $5 for every lost first tooth!!! So has the tradition continued on in my house because each kid remembers how much they get for the first tooth. It goes down in price to a $1 for every other by the way! Inflation does not work in this house let me tell ya! All I got to say to Uncle Kevin is he has triplet girls who will be losing thier first teeth soon!! $5 bucks each there Uncle Kevin, $5 buck EACH!!!! Pay back is so great!!!! Elijah wanted us to post his pictures right away for everyone to see. He even called Nana and Papaw and Grandma and Poppa to tell them. He has one more phone call to Grandma Kathy and he should be set with his phone call limit per day.
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Jody said...

awwww he is getting so big! I am excited for him, he can't be that poor kindergartner that hasn't lost his teeth.... i remember those days!
and i am sure you are more than welcome from his godfather for the $5.00 thing! :) I'll tell him!