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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hannah's First Grade Class makes thier Annual Shoebox Mini Parade a smash hit on wheels!

When Fiesta starts in San Antonio it becomes something all the schools at some level get involved in. Well every year the first graders all have to make a shoebox on wheels design and bring it to school and race it! Well this was Hannah's shoebox design. She tried to make it look like Chris and my bed! Me cheering on the show American Idol and Chris laying down snoring!!!!! Yes, she is very creative can you tell! The blue strips are suppose to be our quilt because it has blue strips in it. The bows are our pillows because they too are blue. The Stick man and women are actually Vinyl Cut outs we made for her! She picked it, so I didn't question it:) Then we had to come up with a way to make it roll and put a pull string on the front of it for her to pull. Well Chris is so creative when it comes to things like this. Me I was going to buy a package of replacement wheels for like remote control cars and have Hannah and Chris put them on there but Chris said "NO WAIT I HAVE A BETTER IDEA!!!" He went and got Elijah's Scooby Doo Van and took the top off of it and the shoebox fit right over the bottom part of the van that had 4 wheels on it. So it literally was a box on wheels! How neat is that. Then we tied a long string to the bumper of the van and put it right in the whole of the box and she pulled that box all the way on her walk to school and won 3rd place at the derby and paraded it around for the Shoebox Mini Parade for all the school to see. We are so proud!!!
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