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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hannah's drawing gets accepted at the Southwest School of Arts & Crafts!

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About a month ago Hannah came home very excited with a paper from her Art Teacher. Their was this program that Lackland ISD entered and the students all had to draw, paint, you name it but create art to try to get their pictures put up in this place. Well Hannah was the ONLY first grader to get her drawing accepted from Lackland ISD!!! So we got a formal invitation to it and went to the showing today of all the kids around San Antonio who's schools also did the same thing and seen all the beautiful drawings. It wasn't limited to paint and color crayons, NO! Some of these drawings blew us away! Things done in just pencil, charcoal, photography, canvas etc.... It was amazing to walk in the gallery and see such talent and know they are all kids who did this. If you want to visit the website its

We are very proud of Hannah! Last year her drawing made the final round of selections at the Youth Center's Showcase too! Maybe we have a artist in our midst, who knows! But all I can truly say is We are so happy for Hannah. She was so excited to be showcased and her drawing be selected and to show it off to her family. Way to go Hannah! We Love You! PS... pay no regard to the black backround of with the pictures of some the artwork all done by K-12th Graders in the San Antonio area's title at the top of it. I know it say's December 2007! Really it was today!!! I have no idea why Picasa's dates are off when I created this tonight. However you can click on any square and enlarge the pictures to see Hannah's artwork and other children's artwork as well. Really, Really Wonderful!

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Jody said...

good job hannah! :) Love u