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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ethan gets commended for aceing his Math Tack Tests for the 5th Graders!!!

Ok, this is the most recent picture I have of Ethan because well like his mom he hates having his picture taken!! Anyway, in Texas they have they tests called Tack Tests. Every grade must take them and pass to get to the next grade level. The Tack Tests consist of levels that you must pass. If you go past a certain percentage level and beyond a certain point level on these tests that are recommended for passing you get commended. Well, Ethan has always been really good at Math. To pass the Math Tack Test you have to score 2600.... Well Ethan scored close to 3000!!! He is one of the highest scoring 5th graders in this area. So at the end of the school year they have a big assembly to recognize all those who made the commended stages of their Tact Tests. Ethan will be among them and receive this award for it. We are so very proud of him. He almost got commended on the Reading Tact Tests as well but missed the commended level by 3 points!!!!! They have the Science Tests coming up very soon and are studying hard for it. He said his goal is to get commended for Science also. I am so glad that my kids strive to get good grades and see that hard work does pay off and that they do get recognized for it. Ethan we are so proud of you and keep up the good work!
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