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Monday, April 27, 2009

Elijah and Classmates take field trip to San Antonio's Zoo!

On Friday Elijah's Kindergarten class took a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo. Chris went as a chaperon and was assigned 2 other boys along with Elijah to walk threw the zoo with. These are Elijah's best buddy's as he told me. They had a great time Chris said and the boys were really good. The only thing that threw Elijah off at the zoo and made him a little afraid were the goats! I guess they are very aggressive especially if they know you have food pellets. Chris said they hear the sound of the knob turning on the food holder and lithely try to eat it out of the spout!!! Elijah is not one for getting his hands dirty and the goats were just shoving his hand to get him to feed him which freaked him out a bit because of how aggressive they were. So he dropped the food on the ground and went right to Chris. Then they were given hair brush's to brush the goats and because the other 2 boys were doing it Chris got Elijah to try. In the one photo you can sort of see how apprehensive he is about doing it and the other boys not so much! Oh well, the minute they left the petting area he was fine again. He came home so excited about the zoo and told me all about it. There are tons more pictures but I posted the ones with the boys in it the most. Over all it was a great day had by Elijah's kindergarten class at the zoo.
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