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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris the wood cutter!!!!

As many of you know Chris and I are trying to get our home business off the ground and have been putting in tons of hours toward getting projects done for our store. Well yesterday, Chris was out cutting wood in all our shapes and sizes for like 3 hours.
He came in covered in saw dust because well of course you have to cut the wood, route it, edge it, and sand it. When your doing 20+ pieces of wood it takes sometime. I just couldn't thou pass up the chance to take some pictures of him out there being Mr. Handy Man!
I always loved the smell of freshly cut wood and a always loved a Handy Man too!!! He came in covered head to toe in saw dust. I just laughed and said, Thank you very much for cutting all my wood. Now if only they made that smell in a cologne!! HEHEHEHEH:) We have so many projects we are trying to get done so on top of selling our Vinyl Lettering on Etsy we can hopefully find some craft fairs to sell at also. Our prayers are for this home business to take off and be our extra income. I enjoy for the most part doing this together. Don't get me wrong we have our disagreements about fonts and colors but the same goal as to where we want our business to go. God willing, with hard work, our prayer will take off with wings!

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